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Old picture, old journal, age old whining.

this photo is extremely large and I forgot to resize it so...

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I'm A Bad LJer

This semester has been crazy so far, things just don't seem to settle down.


The first day back our lake was frozen over. It was a weird day. What has even happened since then? My crazy roommate moved out with much drama. Ian made things official. Carolyn and I made plans to go to disney world for spring break. I epically failed in LJing. Hmm. Yes.


I'm still not dead. I have my new laptop, but I'm so busy with school. The inauguration was...an experience.

Life has been so hectic with it's personal ups and school downs that maybe but maybe don't balance each other out that I'm not really sure what to do with myself. I met a ~boy~ and we are going on a ~date~. I have four papers to write before/for finals, a total of about 32 pages and plenty of research. I have a lot of other work to do and no motivation to do any of it. My roomate becomes crazier and crazier but I spend all my time with two close friends from another floor. On the whole, I can't believe that life is so good only a year from one of the worst times in my life. I would like to just wish all my school work away though.

This is the second to last part of the D.C. trip that happened...over a year ago. Go me.


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Feeling So Very Autumnal

So I did an ADIML Tuesday before last. Yayy.


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About a month until Thanksgiving break!


The last bit from the Museum of Natural History, March's New York trip.

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Snippity Snap

WOW, more pictures! I'm on some kind of roll! Anyway, these are from early April when I was still at Baldwin. This is the same day as the dance party I posted a whiiile back.

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A little bit more from my trip to New York much earlier this year. Some of the trip to the museum of Natural History.


I love the subway, I really do. Even that weird electrified pee smell.

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Times Square

New York vacation was...well, it was perfection. I took some very satisfying pictures and for the first time ever some that looked iffy on the LCD looked great on my computer. But I don't feel much, if any inspiration here at school. I'm hoping to work on that soon because it's not a good feeling.

Anyway, I...um...? I had something to say, I promise. Whatever, I've started and been unable to finish an entry so often lately I don't even care.

Life certainly took a turn for the hectic. I've been sick and then sick again, went to a concert, got a spot on the yearbook staff and completely failed to do anything in relation to photography.

There's a good possibility that I'm taking a little run up to New York this four day weekend, though, so that will certainly get things going. And the fact that I have three midterm papers due directly afterwards has not impeded my plans because I am very stupid.

Anyway, in early April I went out with my friends to get pizza and ice cream.

BUT FIRST: A quick roommate story. We have bunked our beds for more space and I have the top one. I also get the top of her bookshelf for my alarm clock, books, etc. Yesterday afternoon I prepared to go run errands and realized I had left my alarm light on bright so I climbed up to turn it off and the jumped right back down. She, from her position on her bed started laughing about me "going in circles". Apparently nothing I do ever has reason behind it in her world.


We met up in the parking lot (that's Clara, Megan, Emma, April and not yet arrived is Kathryn).

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